I need a

I need a lot of prayer because I am a member of the Fil-Am church, however, I live way on the opposite side of town. It is a struggle to make it there due to my old car. I would like for God to either provide a newer vehicle, a new home, or a wife, or some sort of help because I am a single father down here by myself. All of my family lives in Waco.

Pray for my daughter’s Grandma who suffered from a stroke.

I am praying for all the church family at Fil-Am, in particular the pastor and his family.

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  1. Prayer Ministry Team

    Hello Matt, thanks for submitting your request. The Prayer Ministry Team will include you in our morning prayers and we are confident that God will hear and answer the desires of your heart as it fits with His will for your life. Please remain faithful and go with confident that the Lord will see you through this trying period. We will also include your daughter’s grandma, praying that she recovers fully from the stroke. May God bless and keep you, may He shine His face upon you and give you peace.

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